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Centerity has focused on delivering products that support its core vision – a next-generation monitoring platform that is unified, scalable, and enterprise-class. The core solution, Centerity Monitor, was architected specifically to act as an all-encompassing enterprise management platform which could be used to capture a complete understanding of the

full scope and range of interconnected IT infrastructure and application components and then relate those components to the business processes and outcomes they are meant to support.

The product was constructed to be a next-generation BSM solution that could draw data from all types and forms of information technology components and elements, and then bring that together into a common platform. The development team thus focused on making the process of adding new devices into management very fast and easy, and most Centerity customers are able to do this entirely on their own.



Monitor provides the following functions:

  • Infrastructure Monitoring & Availability:
    Centerity Monitor can be used to gather health indicators as alerts/alarms from all forms of infrastructure – compute, storage, network, facilities

– whether virtual or physical in nature. These features satisfy BSM requirements for cross-domain monitoring that can support both internal and external resources as part of the hybrid infrastructure/ service continuum.

  • Performance Monitoring:
    Centerity Monitor includes functionality to harvest performance metrics and data across all IT technology domains, spanning infrastructure as well as applications, either on a synchronous (i.e. polled) or asynchronous (i.e. NetFlow, log file entries) basis. These features meet BSM requirements for cross-domain, internal/external coverage that spans infrastructure plus applications.
  • User Experience:
    Centerity Monitor includes directly embedded capabilities to monitor, baseline, and trend user experience data enterprise-wide via synthetic testing of both simple and complex user activities. The system correlates those measures with infrastructure and application monitoring data to expose opportunities for proactive interventions. This meets the BSM requirement for understanding experience and infrastructure with the same system.
  • Business Service Awareness:
    The Centerity solution provides service modeling capabilities to relate infrastructure and applications to services that are delivered to the business, assign and monitor Service Level Agreement (SLA) compliance, proactively alert IT operators when SLAs are in danger of breach, recognize/report business impact resulting from any component impairments, and execute root cause analyses. These features meet the BSM requirement for providing service understanding as well as business impact analysis with a single solution.
  • Visualization:
    Centerity Monitor provides a full complement of consoles, dashboards, and reports via web-based interfaces. Included are event/alarm views, business service views, geographical and topological maps, and graphical/tabular reports, all of which can be defined or customized without professional services and built to accommodate the unique needs of any IT, customer, or served business constituent. These features address BSM requirements for cross-constituent support as well as providing a full range of console plus reporting capabilities.