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Dbvisit Standby is fully automated, robust standby database solution for easy creation and management of standby databases for Oracle Standard Edition. Save up to 80% on Oracle license and support fees as Enterprise Edition is no longer required. It is the Smart Alternative To Oracle Data Guard, enabling you to cost-effectively protect your critical data infrastructure and get more out of your existing investment in Oracle Database Standard Edition and Standard Edition One software.

What’s new in this version: Version 6.0.38 includes the new “Synchronize Standby Database” Option (Recover or Update Standby Database using Incremental RMAN Backups), for use in either CLI or GUI. Improved support for Amazon Web Services (AWS).


Save on time and money

Maintaining your database and protecting it against failures is an essential part of the DBAs job. Without the right tools it can prove to be the most unproductive part of it too. Because Dbvisit Standby gives you control over your database environment it makes managing it less of a chore and frees up more time to focus on other activities. Additionally, the savings on license costs and maintenance fees are significant (up to 80%), as there is no need to upgrade to Enterprise Edition to utilise Data Guard and Dbvisit Standby requires you to license only the primary server.

Increase Return On Investment (ROI) with a single product

Dbvisit Standby is also used in the following scenarios to provide even further value for Standard Edition users:

  1. Remote or local standby databases for comprehensive disaster recovery and instant protection for failover sites
  2. Shadow environment to provide risk free investigation and resolution of database bugs or inconsistencies
  3. Batch processing environment capturing snapshots of ‘point in time’ transactions for rollback purposes when errors occur
  4. As a read-only reporting database to run large reports without impacting the primary database and server
  5. To form part of a backup strategy speeding up the Mean Time To Recovery (MTTR) when restoring databases from tape
  6. Providing a recent ‘point in time’ view of the primary database data, in read-only view mode, for access by a remote office
  7. Bundled as the disaster recovery component of a software product offering Sources:

Dbvisit Reporting provides a platform that delivers cost-effective creation and operation of dedicated reporting databases. Dbvisit Reporting uses data replication to synchronize data, enabling processing to be offloaded to alternative databases and server platforms. These databases are then available for ad-hoc and pre-defined reporting using a range of tools across a range of database management systems.

The benefits of using Dbvisit Reporting to maintain a dedicated reporting database include:

  • Reporting data is always up-to-date and always available.
  • The reporting database can be Oracle or MySQL allowing organizations to leverage existing tools, licenses and staff skills.
  • Replication is efficient as it can include the entire schema, or a just a required subset of tables (e.g. exclude temporary tables).
  • Provides real time read-only functionality for Oracle Standard Edition.
  • Column exclusion to ensure unnecessary data items are not replicated.
  • Very cost-effective, as reporting can be offloaded to commodity hardware and operating systems, including open source (e.g. Linux and MySQL) to deliver a cost-effective reporting platform.
  • Dedicated hardware can be used to host the reporting database, preventing the need for costly upgrades to the high performance front-end hardware used by online transactional systems.
  • The reporting database can be tuned specifically for the purpose of reporting while the original database can be tuned for online transactional access.

Dbvisit Replicate is a comprehensive software product providing real-time replication for business using Oracle® databases. It is the smart alternative to Oracle GoldenGate and Oracle Streams products; delivering the full power and potential that database replication releases with a business at an affordable cost.

Dbvisit Replicate uses its own efficient internal redo log-based mining change data capture (CDC) technology to detect changes to replicate and distribute the changed data in real-time across Oracle and non Oracle databases

  • Simple to install and manage
  • Affordable with long term savings
  • Distributes information in real-time across multiple applications
  • Powerful features
  • Save up to 80% on Oracle Licensing
  • Facilitates real-time business reporting
The Replication Effect


Dbvisit Replicate generates a knock-on effect throughout your business. At the data layer it shares, migrates and offloads data processing workloads to alternative databases and server platforms. This impacts the infrastructure layer by minimizing downtime, delivering operational cost efficiencies, facilitating realtime business reporting and continues on to improve your users overall working experience and impact your business bottom line.