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PROMISE Technology Inc. is a recognized global leader in the storage industry and the leading developer of high-performance storage solutions tailor-made for the data center, surveillance, cloud, and rich media markets. Always striving to meet the unique demands of our customers, PROMISE has earned a reputation for developing innovative storage solutions for vertical markets which deliver practical answers to the business challenges facing large enterprises, small to medium businesses, creative professionals, security integrators and many more.

PROMISE Storage Overview

With rapidly growing demands on Storage Area Networks (SAN), IT departments require the best performance, capacity and overall value from their storage investment. The PROMISE VTrak Ex30f delivers on all fronts, with unparalleled next generation storage processing power. Using high-speed 8Gbps host connectivity coupled with massive internal bandwidth, the VTrak Ex30f features the latest 6Gbps SAS/SATA drive technology to set a new performance standard. While disk performance is critical, the VTrak Ex30f features an easy to use web interface to simplify storage setup and management.

Enterprise Storage

Big Data. Rich Media. Surveillance.
Data is doubling every year and files are becoming larger and more unstructured.  From the increasing usage of video and content creation, streaming, and delivery to consumers and businesses becoming more mobile, the need for bandwidth and high speed processing with minimal latency means accelerated access, delivery, and distribution.  VTrak E-Class RAID storage subsystems are optimized for high performance bandwidth and VTrak J-Class JBOD storage expansion subsystems for expandable high capacity — for these continuous growing storage needs.

Cloud infrastructure
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  • Virtualization

    Flexibility for the cloud requires efficiency in storage and server management.  Virtualization enables a means for dynamic expansion, and simple, cost effective infrastructures such as 10G iSCSI to compliment high bandwidth 8Gb and 16Gb fibre channel workloads.

    Backup and Archiving

    Whether for data loss protection, disaster recovery, or various frequencies of access to stored data, tiered storage enables the most efficient form of backup for primary, secondary, and long term storage.  VTrak J-Class JBOD expansion units provide a compelling, long term back up solution for backup, and VTrak E-Class and J-Class 10Gb iSCSI is also a cost effective infrastructure for backup.


    The rapid growth of the rich media, mobile, and hyperscale computing,  requires cloud infrastructure that conserves on rackspace and power.   The High density 4U/60 drive JBOD expansion with GreenRAID doubles the capacity in a given rackspace while reducing power and cooling requirements for today and tomorrow’s growing datacenters.

  • NAS Gateway

    VTrak A-Class

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  • » VTrak Jx30 Expansion Chassis

    3U-16 Bay/4U-24 Bay 6Gb/s SAS JBOD Expansion Chassis

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    3U-16 Bay Fibre Channel RAID Subsystem

    » VTrak Ex30 RAID Subsystems

    4U-24 Bay / 3U-16 Bay Fibre Channel RAID Subsystem

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    » VTrak Jx10 Series

    3U-16 Bay 3Gb/s SAS JBOD Expansion Chassis

PROMISE FileCruiser Overview

FileCruiser is a complete cloud solution which includes Enterprise File Synchronization and Sharing (EFSS) features and a server-storage hardware platform for enterprises and small to midsized businesses.

It helps users easily build their organization’s own Dropbox-like cloud storage services which enable them to realize the benefits of the cloud, including anytime, anywhere data access, easy file sharing that puts an end to FTP, and improved collaboration capabilities for group projects. FileCruiser is able to support up to thousands of accounts and hundreds of terabytes of storage space.

Simple, Secure Sharing from Anywhere
Team Space Collaboration
Flexible Deployment, Audit and Monitor
Share by Demand
Online Video Stream
Enterprise Level Data Security
  • Access and Sync with Any Device

    FileCruiser intelligently syncs all of your files across all of your devices, so you always have the most up to date file no matter where you are and no matter which device you are working on. IT administrators can remain in control be setting limits on the size and types of files users can upload and sync to FileCruiser.

    Easily Sync Large Files

    With FileCruiser you can efficiently sync even massive files and if the connection is interrupted the file will resume transferring from the point it stopped as soon as the connection is restored.





     Simple, Secure Sharing from Anywhere

  • FileCruiser makes it easy to get your whole team on the same page with a ton of collaboration tools that help you create a super-efficient shared workspace.

    Manage Your Team

    Team members could come from a mix of local domains and AD/LDAP domains. The team lead is able to manage their team by adding/removing/disabling/enabling memberships.

    Team Member Scope

    A ‘Team Scope’ is a viewing space that team members can see. Within a team, each person may have different aspects of a project that they need to focus on, so different scopes can be configured for each team member.

    Team Member Access Permissions

    The role of each member is assigned by the team lead after the team is created and when the member is added. There are a set of roles defined with different access rights (or permissions), including READ, WRITE, SHARE INSIDE (inside the domain), SHARE OUTSIDE (outside the domain), and more.


  • Multi-Architecture support

    FileCruiser provides deployment architectures on different scales so you can select the most suitable solution for your organization. VA2600 is a 3U-16 bay appliance and it is designed for SMEs. VR2600 is designed for medium to large-sized organizations and provides the service hardware as well as scale out computing capability.

    Audit and Monitor

    IT administrators can monitor file and user activity and get a complete audit trail by generating reports on all user behavior, including sharing, deleting and adding files and more.


  • Sharing with Shared Links

    FileCruiser lets users easily upload files and folders to the server which will generate a unique downloadable link for each file and folder. The content from the shared hyperlink can be password protected and users can set an expiration date.

    Sharing to Teams

    FileCruiser also helps you easily manage and share your content to users or teams who have an account in FileCruiser. The file will be copied to the user’s folder automatically. You can define who can access, read and write the specific file or folder you shared.

  • img_benefits_video

    With FileCruiser, you can stream videos or music on any of your client devices without having to download the entire file. This saves precious space on your tablet or smart phone and enables you to conveniently keep all your files in one place online.

  • With your team working all around the globe on multiple devices,

    it’s important to remember how important data security is to your business.


    Secure File Transfer

    When your data is stored and transferred with FileCruiser it is protected using 256-bit AES encryption.

    Remote Wipe

    The FileCruiser server will record all of your FileCruiser client evices. The ‘Remote Wipe’ feature enables you to block the lost devices and delete the folder you synchronized with FileCruiser.

    Lock Files

    You can lock any file and folder which means no one can modify these files until you unlock it.

    2-factor Verification

    Add extra protection to your mobile app. An extra 4 digit passcode will be requested while logging in from your mobile devices

    Audit Trail

    FileCruiser makes it easy for the IT team to stay in control by tracking all user behavior, including file sharing, deleting and adding files and much more.

    Windows AD and LDAP support

    FileCruiser supports multi-domain authorization which means IT administrators can add more than one authorization domain and manage all accounts from a single page.