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Lime Software is an Oracle License Management offering, verified by Oracle, and dedicated exclusively to managing Oracle risk. Lime Software was the first to market in 2007.

Lime Software was designed by industry professionals to enable fast Oracle License Reviews. It provides customers a set of software tools that enable organizations to optimize their Oracle. License Investment over 2000 product definitions.

The foundation is our Product Catalogue, a complete definition and rule based approached to all Oracle License Terms and conditions since the 1990’s.

Customers using Database software are unable to make informed procurement decisions due to complex licensing rules, leading to non-compliance and un-budgeted spend. Database licensing is a time consuming task which can lead to serious financial penalties if not done right. To mitigate software licensing compliance risks, Lime ftware focused product range: Oracle Asset Management Software & Audit Tools, approach to assisting customers in Oracle Licensing based on the ISO 19770 Standard for Software Asset Management.

Lime Software deliver cost-effective solutions that provide a complete integral license position

  1. Without compromising on performance.
  2. Cost Reduction and Mitigation, Compliance and Control of all Oracle Software Assets.
  3. Architected to meet stringent scalability, availability and security demands
  4. Oracle Technology and e-Business Suite support
  5. Granular Auditing to ensure compliance