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At SQLNET, we seek to encompass more than the traditional implementation and training services customer expect from a solution provider. We assists customers with their Database Architecture Design, Scalability and Hardware, Performance Tuning, Backups and Disaster Recovery, Disaster Prevention, Replication, High Availability to ensure that customer investment in their Database continues to grow in value, providing ongoing improvements in productivity and operational efficiency.

And through our close engagements with our partners and customers, we help our customers to integrate their business strategies with IT technologies to fulfil their organisation’s business objectives.

Our IT team consists of certified IT security manager (CISM), certified IT project manager (CITPM), and certified technical consultant and engineer.

  • Consulting Services

    Our Consulting Services combine best practices, technological expertise, and industry knowledge, and alliances with partners, to create business value while optimizing costs for our customers. Our customer base in Singapore and ASEAN includes government, banks, securities firms, telecommunication providers, large MNCs from infrastructure, manufacturing, and service industries.

  • IT Security Services

    Today, organizations are subject to a growing number of regulatory mandates to protect sensitive information such as financial records and personally identifiable information (PII). These mandates require mechanisms in place to detect, record, and remediate unauthorized access or changes to sensitive data, including those by privileged users.

    SQLNET IT security services adopts industries best practices and products solutions to assist our customers to meet both internal and statutory compliances for their organization.

  • Staffing Services

    SQLNET outsourcing service helps our customers to meet their IT manpower, tele-sales services that required by customers. Staffing may be arranged on a long/short term and onsite/offsite basis according to our customers preference.